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Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Pricing

For most jewelry, diamonds make the perfect accent because of the beautiful glow it makes. Even the standard engagement ring is commonly conceived as a beautiful ring with a precious diamond and this is what most men are looking for these days if they are hoping to propose to their women. However, do you know what are the certain things that can affect the market value of diamonds? You are definitely in the right place if you wish to learn more about how diamonds are priced because here, we will give you a quick guide about it.

The history of a certain diamond piece is one of the things that can affect its market value. It can be hard to deny that a certain piece of diamond can have a very rich history because diamonds are being formed for over billions of years ago. The most expensive diamonds these days are those that came from popular public figures and these are the ones that are expected to be displayed in luxury shops and even in museums. Yet there are also many other historical values that can affect the price of a certain diamond piece if you wish to sell or buy it.

Diamonds are also weighed in carats which means that the carat weight is also another determining factor of how the diamonds are supposed to be priced. Therefore, the higher the carat of a certain diamond piece is, the more you can expect a higher price for it as well because it means that it is heavier despite its size and shape. Even though a certain diamond is small or big enough, its price will still vary depending on its carat weight because that determines how valuable it really is. The basic carat weight of diamonds are 2 to 10 carats but if you are looking for a more expensive piece, a 24-carat diamond is a good option for you.

The look of the diamond is also very important because most jewelers these days also pay special attention to how the diamond is cut and how rare is its color. These days, diamonds are cut in various shapes such as oval, pear and many other designs depending on how it should be used. But the thing about these shapes is that they are priced differently because each shape can affect its market value. Yet aside from the shape, the color of the diamond is also another important thing that could affect its price because if the color is bright enough or rare, the market value will also rise.

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